The rkc book of strength and conditioning introducing a new vision to fitness

bodyweight It is an accepted fact that books are undoubtedly our best friend because we can get the information we require on any subject. I am a person who is addicted to fitness. I was in search of a good book that could give me some authentic information on workout. However, my quest for perfection was over when I came across the rkc book of strength and conditioning. When I flipped through a few of the pages of this book my impression was that the book is phenomenal. After all first impression is the last impression. Now I will just give you the reasons why I found this book a pleasant surprise.

There are many books on workouts that tell you about the exercises. However, if you are not an athlete you need some extra bit of information. Though I love to be fit, but there are many intricacies that I am unaware of and the great thing is that this book the rkc book of strength and conditioning revealed not only a great collection of workouts, but introduced me to some wonderful tips as well. Most of us hire fitness trainers not because of the workouts, but in most cases because of the fact that they can give us some wonderful tips that can make our work out a lot easier. I did not feel the need for any trainer when I was going through this book. The information was complete. The best part is that you have a choice amongst a variety of workouts. I am a change oriented person and I want a new element to my workout every day. If your target is to lose that excess fat then let me tell you that you will find the best workout in this regard in this book.

Above all the book mentioned that the most prized workouts by RKC instructors are present in this book and this claim is wrong in no way. The workouts are unique and result oriented. What generally happens is that we tend to become apprehensive that a book would not help us attain our fitness. We need to come out of this and before I went through the rkc book of strength and conditioning I had the same perception. Moreover, the kettlebells workouts presented in the book can surely do wonders to you as they have been miraculous for me.

I got some solid pieces of advice from this book regarding workouts. This book is an asset for the whole family. My husband is referring to it for strength training. Believe it or not the book has given us a new reason to communicate more and we talk about the different workouts we tried. Therefore, it is more of an investment if you buying the rkc book of strength and conditioning. Do not lose the opportunity to make yourself look and feel better by not spending on this book. However, for best results follow the workouts exactly as mentioned.

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boobThere’s a different kind of breast augmentation that’s increasingly becoming more and more fashionable than that one might obtain in clinics in Fort Lauderdale. With this one, it is not breast size that gets augmented, but the chances of surviving breast cancer.

The earlier breast cancer is detected, the better, and detection largely depends on the vigilance of the “owner” of the breasts. That’s why breast self-examination is so important. One can have regular checkups with one’s OB-GYN, as well as mammograms and ultrasounds, all of which helps a lot too, but a woman who knows her breasts well would probably the first one to notice anything weird about them.

So how does one get to know one’s breasts? By monthly breast self-examination. The best time to do it would be after menstruation, and the procedure is pretty straightforward. The objective is to know the feel and texture of one’s breasts by touching and palpating them with one’s hands and fingers. Lying down with arms raised flattens the breast tissue a bit and makes it easier to feel, although standing in the shower with one arm raised. Just feel each breast with the opposite hand starting on the outside – including the armpit and the area below the collarbone – and working around and around towards the nipple. It is best to write down any observations one might make.

Part of the breast self-exam also involves being familiar with the appearance of one’s breasts, taking note of size, coloring, skin texture, the position of the nipples, and any moles and discolorations.

Once a level of familiarity of one’s breasts is achieved, anything unusual will be noticed, especially any lumps, dimpling, pigmentation, or nipple discharge.

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HRT: Symptoms and Risks

Portrait of a happy romantic couple outdoors.HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY IN MIAMI:

Would you like to feel and look like you are twenty? Get Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Medications for testosterone replacement are legal anabolic steroids that are very essential and always available for sale. Some of the symptoms associated with menopause are;

a) Loss of libido,

b) Genital dryness,

c) Frequent mood swings,

d) Insomnia,

e) Night sweats, and

f) Hot flashes.

There exist vital differences on these treatments that are crucial for the informed patient to note and distinguish before reaching their decision towards what is best for their wellbeing needs and health even though they possess similar targets or rather aims. For several decades that have passed, Hormone Replacement Therapy has been well documented as the top in ranking as far as effective remedy for the sleep disturbances and hot flashes that are associated with menopause are concerned.

Minimize risks with Hormone Replacement Therapy:

If an individual arrives to a final decision and declares to go for Hormone Replacement Therapy, it is possible such individual to protect herself from the risks. Because of weaker resistance which is as a result of age, middle-aged women may gradually acquire several other health conditions exceptions of menopause. Recent studies indicates through hard evidence that Hormone Replacement Therapy can now be used to minimize a good number of long-term health complications of menopause despite the fact that it was apparently utilized initially to reduce the discomfort resulting from short-term menopause symptoms.

Hormone Replacement Therapy facts to assist in reaching into a healthy decision concerning it:

  • It is not apparent whether the Hormone Replacement Therapy is safer compared with progestin and equine estrogens.
  • The urine of pregnant mares is the one used to make Traditional Hormone Replacement therapy.
  • Bone density which can assist a woman prevent osteoporosis can be increased by restoring the natural levels of the above said hormone.
  • The medical treatment in which estrogen and progestin are combined to restore the premenopausal levels of estrogen is what is referred to as Hormone Replacement Therapy.

You can try for free to find out how you can feel decades younger:

The fact is, these supplements and Hormone Replacement Therapy being legal or not, possess a tendency to cause serious health issues for multiple women whose menopause is a dreadful period that is marked by profuse sweating, vaginal dryness, mood swings, insomnia, and hot flushes. Since the signs of menopause are apparent, (even though it may vary among different women) it is therefore proper for those concerned about premenopausal and aging to inquire with their doctor to find out whether they are eligible for Hormone replacement Therapy.

Healthy Aging, what is the secret?

It is necessary for women to seek supplementation of a combination of female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone in order to mitigate their aging by making it healthy. The overall health of any woman entering menopause, her physical and psychological concerns, and her family history is supposed to be discussed by the concerned woman with her doctor after undergoing her complete physical examination. New research indicates that menopausal symptoms are not natural happenings that women have to accept but rather are preventable effects brought about by hormonal imbalances within their bodies, contrary to what a good number of them consider as negative experiences viewed and believed as unavoidable effects towards approaching menopause. This is achievable since the Hormone Replacement Therapy is a treatment where hormones are given to treat or prevent health conditions such as osteoporosis common in menopausal women.

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Avoiding Injury In Yoga

yogaYoga is exercise. But it is meditation. It is advantageous to the body, but it benefits the mind and the spirit as well. It has been around for millennia, although it has only been brought to the Western Hemisphere halfway through the 1800’s. In the past couple of decades the number of yoga practitioners worldwide has increased exponentially, such that in 2011 there were 10 million yoga practitioners in the US alone.

The Sanskrit term “yoga” literally means “to connect” or “to be united with”. In the Hindu religion, yoga is the means by which one attains a connection with the divine. The stillness and quiet associated with yoga soothes the soul and allows it some release from the temporal cares and concerns, and elevates one consciousness to something that’s beyond the world. Many forms of physical therapy and psychotherapy ( includes yoga practice in the treatment program.

A recent news article features a juvenile facility in Mexico wherein yoga is involved in rehabilitating troubled teens, immersing them in a quiet and peaceful state of mind. Even the White House has put its stamp of approval on yoga as beneficial to health.

But despite all the good press going around about yoga in Irvine and beyond, getting a few injuries is part of the reality that a lot of yoginis face.

* Slow down. Don’t go into the full extent of the pose until after a few breaths. When doing forward bends, for example, don’t go so deep immediately. Try to get your spine merely parallel to the ground at first, then gradually move deeper into the pose with each exhale.

* Listen to your body. This is an admonition that yoga teachers repeat in every day every single yoga class. Listening to one’s body means becoming aware of just how far one can push it, what poses one can do and those that one can’t. It means giving up a certain egotism and competitiveness that tries to push the body beyond its limits. The moment one feels any pain, it is a cue to ease up on the current pose. Pain is a warning sign that every yoga practitioner must heed.

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Cost-effective Beauty

cosmetictreatmentsAh, Beauty, that elusive ideal… To people who are born with it, it is free, even though maintenance is another story. To those who are less fortunate, whom genetics did not favor so much, but who desire to have it and are willing to pay for it, beauty comes at a price, and it isn’t cheap. This fact is most apparent when you’re thinking about getting cosmetic surgery – just thinking about it – and yet you’re already feeling your wallet getting that much skinnier.

Any surgical procedure would cost at least a couple of thousand dollars – that’s not very budget friendly. So if money is tight, getting a nose job or a facelift may be out of the question, as these cost on the average around $6,000 and $10,000, respectively. The non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments may be more cost effective and give more bang for the buck:

Thermage involves using radiofrequency waves to heat up the dermis and stimulate the production of collagen, which will make the skin firmer and tighter. It’ll make those droopy lids and saggy cheeks look better. While having this treatment done for the whole face may have the effect of a facelift, it costs vastly lower, around $3,000.

Microdermabrasion procedures like diamond peel slough off the outermost layer of the skin to reveal younger looking skin and to stimulate collagen production. After the initial session, fresher skin looks visibly revealed. After 3 or more sessions, with around four weeks in between, fine lines and age spots are minimized, and acne scars are less prominent. A session would typically cost $250-$400 a pop.

And then there are the injectable dermal fillers – with options for either hyaluronic acid or collagen. These two substances naturally occur in the skin but are depleted as one ages. These are meant to plump up the skin and make the deep lines look not so deep. These treatments are slightly pricier, around $400 and $550 a pop, but then again, their effects last a while and one would need a repeat session only after 6 months.

If you live in Charleston, WV and would like more information on cosmetic treatments, visit Nuface Medspa.

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Exactly how to get cheaper deals on a vehicle

We all love a great deal and when it comes to getting cheaper car insurance, or even a great deal on the car purchase itself, there are a few hints that can really help.

Below is a helpful guide to saving on your insurance, car purchase and interest rates. Be sure to put the tips into practice so that you can keep some more dollars in your pocket!


Deals on car insurance

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Value for Time and Money

Time is money. In the movie “In Time”, starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, there is no money, no currency other than time. In the movie’s dystopian society, the poor can not afford to waste time.

When you think about it time is even more precious than money. Money spent or lost can be earned back. Time spent is lost forever and can never be regained.

When you’re sick or injured, the time that you spend hurting and not getting well, standing in line, or waiting to hear back about insurance verification, or bored and uncomfortable – they are all time wasted. Time wasted away from work and not making money, time wasted away from family and friends and activities that make you happy.

In Motion O.C. is a fitness gym and physical therapy clinic in Irvine that has an exceptionally unique way of doing things. It has on staff a team of physical therapists dedicated to make you well as soon as possible by giving you the best possible care in a calm and peaceful setting. Patients are treated with care and respect, and not hurried through their treatment sessions, but and are drawn in and involved in their own healing process. Their condition and their treatment are explained to them so they know how and why they are getting better, while they are getting better.

In Motion gives you the best value for your time and money. You can be sure that you are making wonderful use of the every hour and every dollar you spend, and have a good time spending it.

In Motion O.C. offers state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and the latest and most effective techniques, including posture programs, Pilates, aquatic therapy, all of which allows each patient to have a customized treatment using the best option or combination of options that will achieve the best kind of healing.

Moreover, they have developed a system that minimizes lag and red tape on health insurance and progress reports. So that physical therapy sessions are scheduled promptly, efficiently, and conveniently, and referring physicians are kept up to date on their patients.

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Home Remedies for Spider Veins

We’ve already established in our previous post that spider veins are a warning sign that tells you to take some steps to improve your blood circulation.

We’ve already given you a few tips and suggestions on how to get a handle on those spider veins, and we’ve discovered more that we’d like to share with you.

There are changes to your diet that you can make in order to make your veins stronger and your blood healthier.

* You can try minimizing your salt intake, because salt causes your body to retain water, which adds volume to your blood, which increases the pressure on your blood vessels.

* Eat more Vitamin C – rich foods, such as oranges and guavas. Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and makes them stand against pressure better, so they are less likely to form spider veins or varicose veins. Oranges and guavas also contain antioxidants that protect cells from damage.

* Adding some spice and heat to your dishes not only boosts flavor, but also helps break down the fibrin in potential varicose veins. So go liberal with garlic, ginger and cayenne pepper.

* You can also take food supplements such as gingko biloba, available in most Asian pharmacies and food stores in Charlotte, which enhances the cells’ absorption of oxygen and nutrients. If you’re feeling some soreness or itchiness, you may take primrose oil to ease the discomfort, and helps you sleep better too. Bioflavonoids are great for strengthening blood vessels too.

* We’ve said before that massage is great for the circulation and could help minimize spider veins. But you can increase the efficacy of the massage by doing it a couple of times a day with either castor oil, mustard oil, or apple cider vinegar. Castor oil is an anti-inflammatory, an anticoagulant and a stimulant. If you plan to use this, warm up the oil first for optimum results. Apple cider vinegar, on the other hand, is Vitamin C in concentrated form, and therefore rubbing it onto areas with spider veins could help in reducing spider veins or making them go away. You may also soak a cloth with this and use it as a compress over the affected area for 30 minutes. Mustard oil is great for spider veins too, because it strengthens the leaf valves in the blood vessels which prevent any backflow of blood.

For severe cases, do make an appointment with a vascular specialist, like somebody from Vein Specialists of the Carolinas.

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Nipping Varicose Veins in the Bud

varicose veins treatment chicagoDo you notice tiny blue, red, and purple lines criss-crossing your legs? Those are spider veins, and though they look quite harmless, they are a signal that something is not quite right with your blood circulation. Those tiny veins could lead to varicose veins, if they’re not already there. And varicose veins when left unchecked could lead to more serious medical conditions, such as chronic venous insufficiency or CVI. Veins play a vital role in getting rid of body waste, and if these veins are not functioning properly, your body can’t flush out what it has to flush out. CVI brings with it a wide range of symptoms, including cramps, swelling, and soreness in the legs, dry, flaky skin that could worsen to eczema or skin ulcers.

So don’t ignore those spider veins. Getting a handle on varicose veins now could save you a pretty bundle on medical bills later. Why not visit Piano Vein and Vascular clinic.

There are a number of budget friendly varicose vein treatments that you can do yourself. One simple and cost-free thing that you can do is to put your feet up for a few minutes when you get home at the end of the day. It is best that you are somewhat reclined so that you can elevate your legs and feet so that they are at same level as your heart, or higher. This eases the pressure on the lower part of your body and facilitates the flow of blood back to the heart.

You can also try avoiding standing for extended periods. The static-ness of standing still lets pressure from your body fluids accumulate in your legs and feet, and this eventually could lead to varicose veins. If your job requires you to stand a lot, try to take quick sitting breaks every hour or so to stop the pressure buildup.

If standing in place is bad for varicose veins, walking around is good, because it boosts circulation, as do different types of exercise. So do engage in aerobic activities regularly. Chicago has a lot or parks where you can walk, run, or do some yoga.

Massages not only feel good, but they work wonders for the circulation. Chinese foot reflexology is an ancient art that seeks to restore health to the body by manipulating certain parts of the feet. If this sounds too exotic for you, a regular foot massage or body massage will do just as well.

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The Beauty Business is Good Business

lipo in DallasIt is not a basic need, unlike food, water, or shelter. Neither is it a basic service or commodity unlike electricity or phone service, nor is it one of the grocery staples unlike milk or bread. And no matter that the economy is in shambles, the beauty industry is thriving and well.

The beauty business is a 11-billion-dollar industry. That is a lot of zeroes, and we’re only talking about cosmetic procedures, of which over 15 million were performed in 2012. Of these, minimally invasive treatments make up the very large chunk, with the surgical procedures comprising only 1.6 million.

Breast augmentation topped the list of surgical procedures with 286,274 of them carried out, followed by the rest of the top 5: nose lifts, eyelid surgery, liposuction, and facelifts. Among the non-surgical procedures, Botox led the pack by a very wide margin, with over 6 million procedures done, the highest to date. In monetary terms, over 1 billion dollars were spent on breast implants in 2012, but Botox tops that by over 100 million dollars.

And if the figures are to be believed, the plastics business is steadily growing, tapping into demographics that only a decade ago hardly entertained the thought of getting a facial, much less Botox or lipo in Horizon Aesthetics. It certainly isn’t for rich old ladies anymore. The 20-somethings and the 30-something women combined get close to as many procedures as the 40- to 55-year olds. The men are getting into it too, spending over 100 million on breast reduction, chin and jaw augmentation, and pectoral implants. Even the teens are getting cosmetic procedures, which should be cause for alarm, but these are mostly laser hair removals.

If you are curious about the regional distribution of procedures, it comes as no surprise 30% of all procedures are done in the mountain region and Pacific portion of the United States, with California taking the largest piece of that pie. The East and West South Central States take up only 14% of the national total. None of the Texas cities (Austin, Dallas, Houston) have made it to the top 10 in the US, but surprisingly Salt Lake City and St. Louis did.

* Based on 2012 figures

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